Sunday Matinée

Please meet Mr. Daniel Wimmer today. The young Austrian artist is self educated, as far as his art goes. He works as a civil servant Mondays to Fridays and paints in his spare time. Right now he studies art at Leonardo Art Academy in Mattsee, Austria.

He says, he always drew, even as a kid. But as soon as he got acrylic paint in his fingers, it was as if his real life started. Nice way to describe ones passion.

bootsverleih im mattsee
Boatrental, Mattsee, Daniel Wimmer
Bordighera, Daniel Wimmer
Wanderlust, Daniel Wimmer
Grin, Daniel Wimmer
no title, Daniel Wimmer
autumn contrast, Daniel Wimmer
Memory, Daniel Wimmer
münchner hbf
Munic train station, Daniel Wimmer


Nosy!, Daniel Wimmer
Northern Edge, Daniel Wimmer
Fruit trees, Daniel Wimmer
sea lion
Sea Lion, Daniel Wimmer
Bale of Straw, Daniel Wimmer
Suburb, Daniel Wimmer
Umbrella Daniel Wimmer
urgewalten herausfordern
Challenging the elemental forces Daniel Wimmer
Vera, Daniel Wimmer
wächter 2
Guard 2, Daniel Wimmer

3 thoughts on “Sunday Matinée

  1. Funny how when you hear he is from Austria and contemporary, you start looking for clues, familiar sites, evidence that this painter’s life might have crossed your own at some point . . . “I know that man! I’ve been on that road! I’ve seen that cow!” . . .
    And then there is a sea lion.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The artist lives near Mattsse, whereever this might be. Nowhere close to your neck of the woods, I guess. So you might not know the cow, personally. Although it does look familiar… 🙂


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