eyes wide open

One helluvaweek this was. I am completely stressed out.

Sweetheart turned 65 this week. Without any significant outwardly changes. As far as I can tell. But I think, some of his inner beliefs about himself have shifted. He feels old, all of a sudden. I do hope, this will pass soon.

Having most of his friends and family over at our place last night maybe helped him get into a better mood about himself. Seeing, that none of them are becoming any younger, either. But are all still going strong, belonging to the group called The Pretty People (apart from his mum, maybe, who still is impressively fit at age 90, enjoying the party with everybody else last night). I think, sweetheart had a great time. But he does need his beauty sleep today, happily snoring away the afternoon, as I write this.

I was in no position to be of much assistance in preparing this party, as this week was an absolute nightmare at work. But at least I managed to be home in time to greet our guests. After straight seven days in office hell. With back to back tournaments and lots of staff off work sick. None of their fault, but still an outright nightmare for me.

But today đŸ™‚

Today I am off work. One entire day to myself. Spent watering the garden. Clearing away the leftovers of a party. And finally my favourite past time these days: admiring the growth process of our kittens.

It is day 17 of their life. This week they opened their eyes and started to look around – first the two smaller ones, yesterday the big black kitty, too. I guess, first they just were able to differentiate shades, but now I think they start to really look at things. The black one kept staring at the line, the lightblue towel made in contrast to the red bedsheet for minutes on end. Seemed to be a fascinating thing, this line.

I don’t think I’ll be able to give any of these cuties away.  Have a look and you’ll get my drift….




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