Sunday Matinée

Please meet Dutch paintress Cécile van Hanja this Sunday. She spent early childhood in Monaco and Corsica, later her family relocated to the Netherlands, where she still lives now. Maybe being plucked from the warmth of the Mediterranean and replanted in the far North gave her this need for structure and lines. Who knows.

But I like her clear work, apparently showing much admiration for Bauhaus and Modernism.

artificial landscape
artificial landscape Cécile van Hanja
glass house
glass house Cécile van Hanja
suburb Cécile van Hanja
bright light
bright light Cécile van Hanja
facade Cécile van Hanja
Round midnight
round midnight Cécile van Hanja
stairs Cécile van Hanja
free-flowing space
free-flowing space Cécile van Hanja
Untitled,2009 (2)
untitled Cécile van Hanja

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