Sunday Matinée

Janos Huszti.

I have come across this Hungarian painter over and over again. During the last couple of years, he managed to make a name for himself, if not a household name. Well, not quite yet. But he deserves to be. I think, he is one of those, whose work will stick around for generations. I first noticed his cycle of artwork on old photographs from prison. And a series on swimmers. Now he is all over the place with many b/w protraits.

But whatever his topic is, he remains a great artist. At least, that’s what I think. and he’s only 42 or something. Lot’s of productive time left. Or so I hope.

Braid Janos Huszti
Think Janos Huszti
Woman 01 Janos Huszti
Remix Janos Huszti
View Janos Huszti
Pretty Janos Huszti
She’s Peaking Janos Huszti
Jump Janos Huszti
look right
Look Right Janos Huszti
natasha's gun
Natasha’s Gun Janos Huszti
Ragyogas I Janos Huszti
Portrait 03 Janos Huszti

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