Sunday Matinée

Since the outside world is still too gray for the time of year,  I am all for colour this fine Sunday. Thus, I got caught on paintings by Claire Desjardins. The Canadian artist does mainly abstracts in most beautiful and uplifting colours. Even her name sounds nice –  Desjardins. Reminds me of gardens and flowers (isn’t this the French word for garden?).

Oh, and Mrs. Desjardins also runs a blog on her website, in case you’re interested. Anyways, have a look at her colourful world….


come and gone Claire Desjardins
What if I say so Claire Desjardins
sweet Claire Desjardins
30x30_My-Safe-And-Sound secrets we keep
secrtes we keep Claire Desjardins
Daddy Cool Claire Desjardins
more candles than cake Claire Desjardins
lay the blame Claire Desjardins
day trip Claire Desjardins
house of head games Claire Desjardins
20x20_Keep-The-Beat effervescence
keep the beat Claire Desjardins

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