Sunday Matinée

This week, with the first little flowers appearing, I feel like flirting. Like lightness. Like… how does Bridget Davies describe her work:

The ladies in my paintings are elegant and confident, but they are also playful and have a definite sense of mischief about themselves; they are used to stealing the show. As such, they are part comment on my personal relationships, part a documentation of my moods and emotions, but as pieces of visual fiction as well, I do hope that they amuse, charm, delight and intrigue the viewer.

Bridget Davies studied Fashion and Textiles in Leeds, UK, went to Italy to embroider and design textiles to come back to her first love: painting humans and fashion.

I like her sassy approach on things – it is very modern, I think.

Grace Bridget Davies
a night at the opera
A night at the Opera Bridget Davies
coronation route
Coronation Route Bridget Davies
Fren Bridget Davies
Little Portrait 10 Bridget Davies
Emelda Bridget Davies
Lady 10 Bridget Davies
Golden Glasses Bridget Davies
Queens Guard Bridget Davies
Partytime Bridget Davies
Leks 5 Bridget Davies
rio_olympics_ladies road race
Rio Olypics Ladies Road Race Bridget Davies
Smoking Lady Bridget Davies
venice_grand canal_2
Venice Grand Canal 2 Bridget Davies
Tower Bridge Clutch Bag Bridget Davies
Camille Bridget Davies
Plaice Bridget Davies
rio_olympics_100t breast stroke final
Rio Olympics 100m Breast Stroke Final Bridget Davies
Three at the Opera Bridget Davies
what to wear when walking the dogs
What to wear when walking the dogs Bridget Davies

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