Sunday Matinée

On this special Sunday I want to start off with a Merry Christmas to you all.

Albeit it’s Christmas, today is also a Sunday. And in my book, that reads new art! So please take the time to meet Mathew Tucker. British born, he lived and studied in various locations, now based in New York City. He says about his work: “As a painter, I am interested in the built environment and the forms, shapes and perimeters of the spaces, places and non-places we define.  There are numerous formal, material and compositional elements that inform my work but mostly it is an attempt to unearth some kind of understanding of myself and my sense of place.

What caught my attention, personally, was his sharp edge approach. His paintings harden, what we all are looking at on a daily base. As if a flashlight were used on the world. I am not sure, I’d like to hang his paintings on my walls (unless I ever came to live in one of those cool lofts). But I am sure, it is necessary, that these pictures exist.

Leisure Time and Space Mathew Tucker
CTA Mathew Tucker
Swimming Pool 1 Mathew Tucker
Handball Court Mathew Tucker
Car Park Mathew Tucker
Gas Facility Court Mathew Tucker
Schipol Mathew Tucker
Garage Court Mathew Tucker
Airport Mathew Tucker
24 Seven Mathew Tucker
Urban Sprawl Mathew Tucker
Fulton Street Mathew Tucker
Gas Truck Mathew Tucker

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