Sunday Matinée

No paintings today, but photographs. Or better, artwork, compiled by up to 50 individual photographic images and the use of editoral software to bring to life what already exists in the artist’s mind. Meet Alice van der Sluis from the Netherlands. Or let’s just call her Alice in Wonderland…

birds Alice van der Sluis
I just turn around and go Alice van der Sluis
can you imagine Alice van der Sluis
in a moment 1 Alice van der Sluis
lost in a daydream Alice van der Sluis
power supply Alice van der Sluis
we are all stars Alice van der Sluis
you and me Alice van der Sluis

3 thoughts on “Sunday Matinée

    1. I usually don’t trust “fiddled” images, for an unknown reason. And at this day and age almost every image is photoshopped or otherwise changed, anyways, so it is altered. I like to live in the past a little, it seems…


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