That time of year

It is the same every year. In autumn, when the working season comes to an end, it really doesn’t. Yet, my and everybody elses system tells us, it should.

It is an onset of exhaustion getting to us. Wanting it all to end. While customers get eager to use the last warmth of sunny days to go out and play some golf. The shorter days robbing them of precious hours of daylight to do so, we inside long for the switch from summer time back to regular time, when daylight suddenly ends around five, and so do our working days. But we still have a couple of weeks to hang in. Running tournaments, days, while a little shorter, still real busy.

It is the transition, while still being in full swing, one feels the end is near. In my case, this is always met with a kind of exhaustion and fed-upness, I can’t really stop. But at least I am able to identify it as such and know, that it will pass.

Just for the time being, it is hard to draft a winter  programm, promoting fun activities and nice theme evenings for the restaurant to present to the members in the upcoming newsletter, when all you want, is for them to stay home until next spring. Aaaaaggghhh!


3 thoughts on “That time of year

  1. Autumn slows us, I agree. Concerning the change of European summer and time, I would prefer keeping summer time. And I enjoy the present sunlight, warmth and harvest. Your business has got a different rhythm, I understand. In that case, what about an autumn poem or song?

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