Sunday Matinée

I looked at a collection of modern pop art inspired by Andy Warhol artwork this morning and stumbled upon this:

Summer on a solitary beach Petra Kaindel

So, Petra Kaindel of Austria. Never heard of her, so I looked further. She paints to music, she says. On her facebook page, she does sometimes give information as to which song a certain picture was made to.

This one, for instance, was painted to the song “The ballad of Lucy Jordan” by Marianne Faithfull:

Don't talk about feminism-it's so unsexy
Don’t talk about feminism – it’s so unsexy Petra Kaindel

This young Austrian makes exceptional art, I think. Here are my favourites, so far:

Where I go Petra Kaindel
welcome home – Sandburgen Petra Kaindel
Girl and Tree Petra KAindel
Don’t forget to freeze your eggs Petra Kaindel
Grey morning Petra Kaindel
Among people i am the lonliest wolf
Among People I am the lonliest Wolf Petra Kaindel
we all obey - sometimes we don't
We all obey – sometimes we don’t Petra Kaindel
JOY!BABY! Petra Kaindel
the box you called a gift
The box you called a gift Petra Kaindel

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