surreal doubles

Yesterday I had some business in Pankow, a rather North-Eastern part of Berlin. Driving home via the Northern ring motorway in the evening, the sun was just about to set, when I left the motorway for the last strech home.

I passed a few villages, the road beetween them running through those beautiful alleys, Brandenburg is famous for. It was a most charming evening with great shades of light making the fresh green appear golden. When I finally passed a canola field near a village called Schönfließ, I pulled over to make a few photographs. I hadn’t brought my camera along, so I just used my mobile.

Checking the pics this morning, I discovered the weirdest thing: the camera in my mobile automatically made some double exposures.  Apparently, the little camera built into my phone can’t deal with back light very well.

But the outcome is real nice, with a surreal touch to it. Have a look.





4 thoughts on “surreal doubles

    1. yeah, that’s it. I had the same word in my head yesterday, so I looked for another word. suggested (worse) just rape or canola, which is the variety of the plant used for oil-production


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