Sunday Matinée

Please meet Jarek Puczel and his art. The Polish painter impressed me with his calm way of looking at everyday scenes and transferring them into freeze frame stills of beauty.

His work reminds me a bit of the art Muntean/Rosenblum make, but these two shall be the topic of another post.

Cruise Jarek Puczel
blow up
blow up Jarek Puczel
lovers Jarek Puczel
girl on a seesaw
girl on a seesaw Jarek Puczel
in the mountains
in the mountains Jarek Puczel
escaoe from the city
escape from the city Jarek Puczel
RGB Jarek Puczel
the pianist
the pianist Jarek Puczel
two couples
two couples Jarek Puczel
projection Jarek Puczel
waiting for
waiting for Jarek Purczel
Jump Jarek Puczel
at school 1
at school 1 jarec puczel
project Jarek Puczel
romance Jarek Puczel

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