I have a day off today, full with plans for my garden. Yesterday evening, I prepared a plot at the roadside around a lamp post to be seeded today. Weeding the little patch of thorny bushes sprouting there, completely overgrown with weeds, mainly burdock, due to neglect by the city gardeners. As I have to look at this patch and lamp every day, I decided to take things in my own hands and make it pretty, this year. I dug up the sandy earth around the lamp post, replacing it with good soil. I want a ring of sunflowers and wild field flowers growing around and up the lamp post.

Thus, I got up this morning eager with starting the seeding. And what did I get up to? A torrent rainfall. What a pity! Despite the forcast promising a nice day for today, albeit slightly overcast. Overcast being the understatement of the year, with the clouds hanging so low you can almost touch them.

Oh, well, it is April, after all. And as the German saying goes: Der April tut was er will. (April does what it wants).



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