Sunday Matinée

Today’s post I want to dedicate to Gerhard Richter.

He is much likely THE most important German artist alive. Around here, nobody mentions him much anymore outwith the context of a new exhibition, as his work is widely known and every German is able to conjure up mental images of some of his famed oeuvre. Or at least they should be.

Almost sixty years of art, in a variety of styles and a depth of mastery unmatched, in his work he spans topics reaching from WWII to Bader-Meinhof to Holocaust, from photo-reality paintings to fabulous sea- and skyscapes, from tender portraits to abstracts and colour charts. His productivity is amazing. Really, he should be a household name everywhere.

Personally, I love his sea- and skyskapes best. I was lucky enough to see some of them in Hamburg Kunsthalle once and will never forget, how the sheer visual impact of those huge paintings, some of them three by two meters tall, floored me. Hardly ever have I come across something so beautiful. But I will give you an overview of his main directions, so you get a glimpse.

gr seestück
Seascape Gerhard Richter
gr grün blau rot
green blue red Gerhard Richter
gr mother and daughter (B.)
Mother and daughter (B.) Gerhard Richter
gr orchidee
Orchid Gerhard Richter
gr bomber
Bomber Gerhard Richter
gr apfelbäume
Apple Trees Gerhard Richter
gr i.g.
I. G. Gerhard Richter
gr abstraktes bild
Abstract Gerhard Richter
gr adler
Eagle Gerhard Richter
gr 25 farben
25 Colours Gerhard Richter
gr gebirge
Mountains Gerhard Richter
gr betty
Betty Gerhard Richter
gr kerze
Candle Gerhard Richter
gr s. mit kind
S. with child Gerhard Richter
gr see-see
Sea-sea Gerhard Richter
gr reader
Reader Gerhard Richter
gr seestück (leicht bewölkt)
Seascape slightly cloudy Gerhard Richter
gr cloud
Cloud Gerhard Richter
gr seestück pastell
Seascape Gerhard Richter

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