Sunday Matinée

A couple of paintings on the topic of love this Sunday. It’s Valentine’s Day, after all. Here’s also a nice line for a card, in case you’re stuck: “My love, I can’t believe how much I’m not sick of you. What about you?”

vd a lonely dream alexander sadreddini
A lonely dream Alexander Sadreddini
vd i am sorry Dmytro larionov
I am sorry Dmytro Larionov
vd le banc de montmartre caroline de piedoue
Le banc de Montmartre Caroline de Piedoue
vd le pied connecte hildegarde handsaeme
Le pied connecte Hildegarde Handsaeme
vd örebro II Miquel Wert
Örebro II Miquel Wert
vd original lover vee bee
Original Lover Vee Bee
vd sound asleep Jeremiah Ebel
Sound asleep Jeremiah Ebel
vd a call to arms emily peterson
A call to arms Emily Peterson

7 thoughts on “Sunday Matinée

  1. I’m going to have to wait until I can take some time to look at these in detail. The first one really disturbed me. (That white line above the person’s head made me immediately think of a rope. Yech!) Love is a hard thing to depict – in words or pictures.
    We have a lot to talk about and I know just the place to do it. Looking forward to Saturday.


    1. I didn’t notice that line at all and am sorry to have disturbed you. To me it lookes just like some woman walking alone, lost in thought.
      Looking forward to talk to you soon.


      1. Hey 🙂
        “Original Lover”
        Loved how the title justifies the wind up key for the guy.
        I’ll like to interpret it as in the girl provides support and a zeal to work for the guy.


  2. I am more for Örebo II, which depicts a couple who have been at each other’s disposal for a lifetime. I wish, I had been able to be as true as that. But as I am a rebell at heart, this “be at your disposal” thing pushed me so close to the edge, that I had to decide for the me more often than I did for the “us”. Well, I still have time to do it right this time…


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