mouse eater

Last night our cat caught a mouse. Nothing unusal, she often takes her prey inside to brag a little about it in front of us and play with her catch. What was new: after she had tossed the little dead mouse about for half an hour for entertainment, she ate it. All of it. This came as a surprise to me. Usually, my sweetheart has to dispose of the dead or half dead beasts, after her pawsome majesty gets bored with her prey.

The little sofa tiger living with us is such a picky eater. Only the finest, most expensive cat foods will do for her. And fine cooked meats, that are meant for our dinner, she tries out, too. Plus any sweet, of course. But a  mouse she eats? With coat and bones and all.

Maybe it would be a good idea for the pet food industry to come up with mouse flavoured varieties of cat food, rather than beef or turkey.  No cat would ever hunt down a cow, really.

sweet Lilly


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