time robbery

It is all well to be able to sleep in longer, now that the clocks have been set back from summer time Daylight Savings Time to regular European Time again. If one can sleep, that is, and the inner clock doesn’t get one up anyways.

However, this time shift steals an hour of lifetime, if one dies any time between end of March and now. Whereas the rest has a balanced time sheet, having gotten back the stolen hour. But for this little flaw, I am allright with the summer time concept.

On the other end of the day, darkness sets in an hour earlier, now that the clocks have changed. I hate it. Just imagine, without summer time, this would start a month earlier. Last night, I left work around five in the evening and it was already very dusky. Passing my little garden on my way in, only the late beauties in white beamed their bright welcome at me.

snowy white

snow white


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