Nendo is a renown design studio, founded 2002 by Oki Sato in Japan. The name nendo is Japanese for modelling clay.
But this time they took to modelling chocolate. Each 26 x 26 mm praline is shaped of the same flavour chocolate but supposed to taste different, due to its various forms. Am prone to believe this, althoug in this case ones taste buds might be overruled by ones optic nerve…

chocolate design2

chocolate design

As designboom explains, the nine chocolates are named after various japanese expressions used to describe texture:
1. ‘tubu-tubu’ – comprised of small chocolate drops.
2. ‘sube-sube’ – with smooth edges and rounded corners.
3. ‘zara-zara’ – rough and granular like a file.
4. ‘toge-toge’ – projecting sharp pointed tips.
5. ‘goro-goro’ – a composition of fourteen connected small cubes.
6. ‘fuwa-fuwa’ – soft and airy with the presence of many tiny holes.
7. ‘poki-poki’ – a cube frame made of chocolate sticks.
8. ‘suka-suka’ – a hollow cube with thin walls.
9. ‘zaku-zaku’ – featuring alternately placed thin chocolate rods forming a cube.


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