Hello again!

I’ back!
I promised to my sweetheart to stop blogging for three years. First it was kind of hard to forgo this regular pleasure in my life. But with very good reason I agreed to his demand. After a while, I forgot all together about blog.de and you, I have to admit. But now and again I was missing to look up what’s new or write about something.
Last New Year, I caught myself looking up our last, joint post, just to find out whether the ban was over yet. So somewhere deep down in my braincells, there was something counting down the time – wrongly, as I found out. So I waited another year and alas! here I am now with my first entry in a new life, that’s already three years old.
There was a lot happening, if I think back, but old news are no news and I can’t sort my head right now in order to pick the good stuff to tell anyways. As I am a little excited.
Only that much: I am fine and happy, having had a very good life whilst absent from this platform. I hope, the same goes for you. And even if not, this is to wish you all a great New Year!

calvin+hobbes new yeR


3 thoughts on “Hello again!

  1. ^^ *an dieser Stelle setzt das Stimmchen ein zu kommentieren* Lies erstmal alles Neue, ein gut’ Teil Fragen wird sich so erübrigen. Dann musst du nicht drängeln und bereits Erklärtes nachfragen. Das sei doch – wie – zu enge Socken tragen.

    Wenn jetzt wer “todessexy” ruft, der soll sich schämen.


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