starry, starry nights

Rob Featonby vs. Vincent van Gogh. Take your pick.

V.v.Gogh, starry night over the Rhone, click=source

R. Featonby, not an earthly view, click=source


2 thoughts on “starry, starry nights

  1. đŸ˜‰ makes me wonder if not earthly views had been created prior to a more established fantasy & role play scene. ^^ not talking about dreams here, mind you.-

    Goghs yellow and reflections on the water’s surface is doing it for me. “structure & fuckin’ disciplin” ^^ gotta see American beauty again.

    hmm thx 4 sharing.


    1. welcome. actually, I can’t really take a pick. both are – in their own right – flabbergasting. but I am not too keen on “calendar-art” somehow. maybe nature’s too perfect to suit me. so v.v.g. wins…


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