In China at Tianmen mountain park exists a skywalk on the mountains rock face, made of glass. Walking on see-through material above a freedrop of 1.460 meters must be some experience. Wish I could try it out. Once I was able to stand on a glass floor some 280 meters above sealevel in an island hotel in Arabia. Nothing but sheets of glass protecting me from falling down into the sea. Although I am usually not that keen on heights, this was an extraordinary experience forever engraved in my brain. I do recall that not only the floor was made of glass, but also the wall, slanted outwards in an angle making one want to lean against it. Which I did. I really wanted to lie on it face down, hovering over the waters. But the angle was too obtuse, so that without the wall’s support one would lose ones bearings. I had to use my arms to keep some balance, as the glass didn’t appear so trustworthy all of a sudden. Still, absolutely loved it. I just can’t understand why I get so fidgety with “normal” heights, then. Am curious whether I would be able to step on that path.

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4 thoughts on “skywalk

  1. ^^ seen that in an article d be scared shitless & blame it on potentially shoddy worksmanship or my being double the weight of a Chinese construction worker. 😉

    last pic gives me the giggles and spurns some Schadenfreude – bet she s there because of a bet ^^


    1. as one can see on the first pic, she’s not doing too well 🙂

      good point with the weight of the average Chinese… never thought of that. will now think twice about stepping on it if I ever get there…


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