back again

Sorry for the absence, but am just back from another week of tuition from this winters study. This time without internet. But with lots of visits to golfing grounds to see how they go about their business. How their turf is kept in shape. How their teams function. What machinery they use. As this week course design and greenkeeping was on the agenda, I think green, my face might even have turned green. Never heard as much about grass and turf before. And how to best maintain it. I could now rattle on forever about grass, grounds, aerifying, vertidraining, topdressing, irrigation and so on. But I don’t want to bore you to death. Just one thing: the next couple of days won’t be easy for my head greenkeeper. As I will hole him with questions. And I am sure, the same thing will happen on all the courses of my class mates. Poor guys. Up untill now, the heads of green staff were gods in their own right, as noone else really had a clue about what exactly it is, they are doing. Apart from the obvious: mowing the grounds. It’s all over now, baby blue – no, baby green.



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