Today I read about strangers noticing my existance in their own context. A totally new experience. I will soon be able to meet two young people who I have never met before in my life. We had nothing to do with each other, so far. One perspective. Their reason for taking an interest is, that they now know that I know their father. Another perspective. And all of a sudden – although I know their father for longer than they are alive – I seem to be a topic of interest to them. This never really occurred to me. Did tonight. Come to think of it: I’m glad I am made aware in advance. Thinking further about it, I get scared. It is one thing to consider ones own perspective of things. And maybe the perspective of those directly involved in ones life. But to widen ones scope to also consider the view of those whose life might be directly affected by whatever you do and who you are, yet at the same time you don’t know them at all and vice versa, is frightening, indeed. Need I be worried? Yet another perspective. Maybe I should be. On the other hand – and to get things into perspective again – these things have a way of working out.



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