flat flowers

Talking of blooming landscapes: have a look at Fong Qi Wei‘s pics of spread out blossoms. Quite interesting, I think. And flowers always cheer me up…



click=source, link via demilked


5 thoughts on “flat flowers

  1. ^^ kinda nice

    “and they said nothing would come of your hobby, those utter fools!” ^^ reminds me of fractal freeze frame or slow motion effects in movies đŸ˜‰ to think those may also have once started out w/ dry spread out flowers ^^

    got & idea & you work on it.-love that about mankind, albeit sometimes destructive outcome.

    Japanes government wants to use Europe as a money sink to devalue their currency & help out folks over here- who da thunk it, huh? đŸ˜‰


    1. yeah, some of mankind even make something of it. other than me, just looking and reporting…
      where’d you get that Japan thingy from? That sounds odd. Only fact making this suggestion kinda plausible to me is their high regard for Germany. For both good and bad reasons.


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