where music meets medicine…

Found a gem just now. Apparently Bob Dylan hosted a radio show called theme time radio hour and broadcasted tapes that Tom Waits had sent him. Tid-bit information on various odd topics as might interest two such extraordinary men. Me, also. Hope it interests you, too.

theme time radio


5 thoughts on “where music meets medicine…

    1. given, the hosting is kinda monotone. but Tom comes up with a miscellany of interesting facts:
      – in rural china any man looking at another mans wife’s feet- them being a sexual object more than any other part of her body – had to be killed by the offended husband
      – wild pidgeons in Amerika during the late 19th century ran into huge numbers, one flock taking 3 days to pass, blocking out the sun. When the flock landed, it covered a space 40 miles long and 3 miles wide. The last of those wild pidgeons, called Martha, died 1914 in Cincinnati zoo.
      – nice collection of jewis curses, my favourite being the one by which all your teeth should fall out but for one, which should be left for toothache
      – the term “baker’s dozen” stems from King Henry 7th, who ordered any baker selling underweight bread to be beheaded. That’s why bakers trying to save their necks started to add an extra loaf to any dozen loafs ordered
      – the RX sign still used today on medicine prescriptions is an astrological sign standing for jupiter and originates in medivial times, when quacks still believed in the influence of planets on health, Jupiter being the most powerful of all.


      1. thx 4 the bullet-points but I wasnt having problems understanding them, was just amused by the way they presented it, tom thanking bob 4 stuff he recieved & good times they had, felt kinda housewivy small-talkisch just to be cut by the tid-bits without much regard to- being able to reach as wide an audience as possible by annunciating or gettin’ a flow into speech patterns that d tranfer contextual groups of words ^^

        I guess its not all that different from wanting to see crabs & horses tie their shoe laces đŸ˜‰


      2. aw, don’t be so picayunish. it’s nice to learn that bobby sends delicious marmelade round to friends for x-mas. am not so sure whether I like the investment hints, though. two settled guys in their settled worlds keeping us entertained with the crumbs of their lifes.
        but contextual grouping of words is not what either one of the two is best known for, is it?


      3. “not what either one of the two is best known for, is it?”

        :>> thought of this while I typed it. they are not the justin biebers of their time đŸ˜‰

        “two settled guys in their settled worlds keeping us entertained with the crumbs of their lifes.” ^^

        you are right of course, i m just trying to avoid facing the fact i never had a friend like that & now – to redicule means to be able to cope…. :>>


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