Back to reality. Yesterday I had to sack the young trainee who just started out with us two months ago. Unfortunately, the young person refused to listen to advise and thought he was able to get the better of the organisation and us all. Wrong move, it turns out. Still sad though. On the other hand, something positive happened, too. Start of this week it became clear, that the big change thought to bring us image gain and all the havoc caused by the consequent decisions made above my head are not going to happen any time soon. Now my superiors are caught between a rock and a hard place. As they brought things so far down the road, it might be impossible for them to reverse things. That will cause many a question as to what their motives really were in the first place. Apart from that: back to business as usual. Too much to do and once again one staff short. What’s new?


2 thoughts on “reality

    1. aw, no. strongarming me ain’t all that easy. the little git was just thieving. on top of not listening to many other hints as to how behave at work. none of the latter would have been a real problem, though. just a mile more for me to walk in order to call that boy to order. however, there is a line to everything. and he way crossed it.


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