24 colours

A Sunday afternoon off. A trip into town. As soon as you leave the car: torrent rainfall. But it is not all that bad to get soaked. As one is repaid by 24 colours of the city. Shelter in a little bar. A cute little French movie, titled “Romantics Anonymous“. Later those incredible colours reflecting back from wet sidewalks, shining out of shop windows and beaming off walls. Have a look at my impressions of a couple of perfect hours. In the end I even passed by this sign reading 24 colours. Quite befitting.

Bild 002

Bild 017

Bild 022

Bild 010

Bild 012

Bild 014

Bild 031

Bild 033

Bild 041

Bild 039

Bild 043

Bild 026

No idea, why the portrait pics are turned round and shown as landscapes. Bugs me… But what the heck.


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