Sunday matinée – aging III

There is beauty in dying. At least whenever buildings and a knowing eye are involved. Traces of former grandeur mixed with those of neglect and the infinite validity of perfect shading and classic detailing create a kind of aesthetics that reverberate down the decades. Axel Hansmann’s work on lost places in and around Berlin produced a series of such images worth having a look at. I wonder: did those surroundings look as beautiful, when they where new? I doubt that. Same goes for humans. Many a face wins with age, showing signs of life lived to the full rather than the smooth genetical surfaces provided by nature on youngsters. Albeit often gorgeous, they are nothing but molds for the imprints of everything that has to happen to them yet. If lucky, they will age with grace.





All images: Axel Hansmann, to be seen in Berlin at Grimm Copyshop, Torstrasse and Schau in der Besenwirtschaft, Uhlandstrasse 159.


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