grey day

What with my staff shortage still not solved, I consider a morning off as a full weekend. As I worked pretty long hours during the last fortnight and will have to continue to do so in the coming weeks. There is a 54 hole competition on today and I opted for the late shift, which will last till ten at night at least. So I start around eleven this morning. I slept till just now, which in itself was a treat. And to be honest: the grey skies add to the relaxation factor. First of all it means a more quiet day at work, less people will feel inclined to turn up. Apart from those enlisted for competitions. Second, this dull weather calms me. Long stretches of nothing but sunshine and warmth can grind you down. If you have to work, that is. It’s fine, when one is on a holiday. Which many of you out there are about to start, I guess. Enjoy it, while I enjoy the grey for today.



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