humble and proud

For two years now I had the pleasure of working with someone who really was a rock in my daily business world. Seldom one comes across humans who are within themselves all the term holds. Fallable and grand at the same time. Proud but humble. Effective as of today, that man has withdrawn his engagement. It was all free of charge for those who benefit from it. And will do so for a very long time. This man put in endless effort and work for the same goal we all strive to achieve: make that thing work. I wish I had the words to express my gratitude. He was one of a pair. Perfect counterparts. Now one huge part will be missing. The part of someone completely independent (independenance is very important when working within the strucures of committees and multiple ownerships, as is the case, trust me) and with a very strong will.

It takes my hand as it comes
And explores the new state of the world
While the real world falls
Out of the arms who should hold

Thank you.

Steve Cradock, Beware of falling rocks


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