busy offline

Ah, such busy days behind me. But unfortunately, there was no internet connection over the weekend in suburbia. So reports will trickle in as of now. First a quick mention of a lovely visit from my Bochum friends, including my favourite little boy and his sister (who has outgrown her mom by now). We spent a big extended family & friends Saturday afternoon in town together, watching the Christopher Street Day parade. Some queer impressions we did get, indeed. However, everyone had a jolly gay time. Overall, though, I couldn’t help noticing, that the fair sex this sunny afternoon definately was male.








7 thoughts on “busy offline

      1. Nee, das war wirklich merksam und seltwĂŒrdig; ich hatte erst nach so Straßenfesten in M gekiekt mitte Oogen im Kopp, weil ich in einem Blog was dazu gefunden hatte, und habe dann auch so Regenbogensites gefunden und dabei gar nicht geschnallt, dass das ja gerade “dran” ist…

        (… die meiste Phantasie haben offenbar in irgend einer Weise “UnterdrĂŒckte”, echt… ist wie mit den MĂ€rchenfilmen aus der Sowjetunion, die sind jetzt “Kult” usw….)

        (… sorry for the ausfĂŒhrliches Schnattering; I am demnĂ€chst 50…)


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