Today I am suffering the after effects of recent developements at work. The worst case did happen and real staff trouble starts now. So I took a day out of the office to draft recruitment texts and contact all and sundry for support. We’ll see where that leads to. But the worst thing about it is, that I feel as if the floor has been pulled out under my feet. Weak and betrayed. More and more I am convicted, that it is best to trust no one and rely on nothing. I always thought, that if you believe in the better side of humans, it will be rewarded in the long run. Forget it. This is a bitter pill to swallow. I just don’t want to hear about unemployment laments any longer. This year alone I had various cases of people just signing on to fake more benefits out of the state or retreating on signed contracts and given words. Or staff being unrelieable or late without a good or any excuse at all. Worse even, some just never turned up again after their first two weeks. There is no such thing as work ethics any more. Where did that vanish to? Where are the folks who take pride in what they do for a living? Who want to do it well? Want to belong to something and strive for its growth and success? I feel a void opening within I hate to have. I hope, someone or something will fill that bitter gap again.


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