My sweetheart took me to Beelitz yesterday. To a farm and restaurant offering nothing but asparagus. Every year pretty much everybody in Berlin is looking forward to the time of year, asparagus from Beelitz is on offer for the first time. I am sure, to attribute “Beelitz” means “grown around Berlin” and not necessarily in Beelitz itself. As the place is not big enough to provide the vegetable for the entire city, let alone for the whole of Germany. And asparagus from Beelitz is considered to be the best. I do agree. We cooked some a couple of times already, this year. But yesterday was the first time I had some in Beelitz proper. The restaurant was pretty, with lots of roses in full bloom already and the evening was warm enough to sit outside. Brandenburg can be such a lovely place.
Thanks also to all those toiling on the fields for their hard work.


2 thoughts on “asparagus

  1. ^^ you can’t for the life of it cross Podstupim without coming across a good 3 half dozen or so outlets for said Beelitzer asparagus ^^ they sling “their shit like dope” having tourists & locals getting hooked to the stuff at an early age so subsequent visits will have the restaurants & meals ordered already picked out & set.^^

    not being overly fanatic about asparagus myself I fear the lessons learned by watchin family & extended family work themselves into a frenzy over this vegetable ^^ genetic pre-determination, anyone??^^ at the moment small chunks in a soup is about all I xcan stand, but never mind that, enjoy your asparagus, I m sure Ill come around to it eventually ^^ (here is hoping it wont turn into a limited commodity like thuna in the near future)


    1. I tell you: what with the shortage on greens these days (no salads for fear of EHEC around) this veggie meal was something I craved. Pray it won’t turn into a limited commodity, not during my life span, anyways.
      But I can see how someone from around here is not so keen on it…


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