he forgot

Can you believe it? My sweetheart completely forgot about my birthday. I kind of guessed he would, though. If I don’t remind him about mother’s day or his mum’s birthday, he’d forget those, too. And he knows his mum much, much longer than me, doesn’t he?
I thought I wouldn’t mind. But to be honest, I did. A little. In the evening I was tempted to go ahead and tell him. But then I thought this would just make him feel guilty and panicky. So I let it be. We had a nice weekend, nevertheless. At the latest mid of June something will appear odd to him, as he knows that my birthday is only a couple of weeks prior to his. I just hope, he gets one of his buddies or his mum to remind him regularly in the future. I don’t like having to use hammers as hints. After all, humans tend to forget a lot. And quickly so. Which is in general a good thing. Just imagine you’d notice everything and keep it in your head always. It would drive me crazy.



5 thoughts on “he forgot

      1. Without the help of social networks I would! (My biggest concern: I do it like your sweetheart and forget my baby in September. She wouldn’t be so kind. But I prepared lots of calendars…)


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