I don’t really understand the world of finance. And what exactly caused the so-called financial crisis. Overall, I gather, that if we don’t bail out bancrupt banks (already happened) or bancrupt countries (in progress), we might be worse off. This kind of indicates, that German money has been stupidly invested in hopeless projects. For whatever reason. Greed, most likely. And now it just won’t pay off. Big German banks again stand to break down, if they realise the losses. At this point the tax payer comes into the picture, once again. As the top kiddy of the IMF presently can’t be there, he’s in jail, I’ve heard.
I can just foresee, what’s going to happen. As the state will own huge portions of bank institutes after the bail out, that will just not do so well. Until the government decides, to best sell their shares again, as handling other people’s money is not the core business of governing. At a big loss, I dare to predict.
Gives me a headache, thinking about it. But I liked the comment of one talk show guest discussing the “Greece situation”: “Don’t forget, we sold Greece goods, we knew they couldn’t afford, for years.” So we gave them loans. This is a great idea, isn’t it?


2 thoughts on “money

  1. ^^
    great idea isnt it. as long as there are still cutbacks 4 public services. e.g. bundesdruckerei, and those that should be like verbraucherschutz, railway system, services providing electricity & water…..

    found this just minutes ago & had 2 add it 2 ur entry ^^

    talk about sold on illusions & deminishing returns ^^


    1. nice cartoon. “diminishing returns”: my money never returns. Actually, it flies out of my purse way too quickly for my liking. Ooch, it’s just paper with numbers printed on it….


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