What a nice evening I had last night, dining with my friend’s sister and her husband. I have met this woman only once before in my life and many years have passed since. At least 17 years, because when I first met her, it was at my friend’s house when I still lived in Austria. But I have seen many pictures of her and her husband during those years, as my friend visits in the States regularly and there are so many impressions of her house and life in Milwaukee, that I kind of co-know her a little. And of course, the stories related by my friend of such family visits and joint travel and so forth. So to me it was like meeting a good friend again. Even her husband, whom I have never seen before, seemed like a long standing aquaintant to me. It must have been absolutely odd for them, though. As I really am a complete stranger to them, behaving much too familiar for their liking, come to think of it. Poor guys, having to listen to me, rattling on all night. Anyways, they were very interested in facts about Germany in general and about Berlin in specific. Which was odd to me, as I felt I had no expertise to offer at all, being a “foreigner” myself. But they didn’t mind, I was apparently qualifying as an insider. Maybe to someone from the US, the difference between Austrians and Germans is neglectable, anyways.

But what really got me last night, was the similarity between my friend and her sister. Not so much the outward appearance, although the do look related a lot, but the way she moved. The tone of voice, that particular and very distinct melody of speech. Right in the beginning, when they came down the hall in the hotel, I was looking in the opposite direction. Yet, as I heard the sound of her footsteps I immidiately knew it must be them. Maybe this was contributing to the overall impression of meeting friends, whereas, on face value, I really didn’t know either of them at all. Which has changed a little, thanks to the lovely evening I had the pleasure to share with them. It was an enriching experience. I just wish, I had talked less and listened more…



3 thoughts on “genes

  1. “I was looking in the opposite direction. Yet, as I heard the sound of her footsteps I immidiatetly knew it must be them.”


    sounds like a lovely day with lots of pieces fitting the puzzle, so many open & ongoing “games” ^^ you are to be envied for that in this regard. 😛


      1. wasn’t even aware of the glitch- but said sensation of matching a pattern picked up on by senses you can never consciously switch off, getting the impression of knowing something prior to it actually happening ^^ now that is something in and of itself, noteworthy at least with a knowing & benevolent wink



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