Last night my sweetheart and I discussed ageing. Not the laughable comments we make about our present little handicaps. Back-pains and sore hips. The inabilitly to ever regain the much missed body shape one once had. The need for reading glasses and so on. More the serious questions of severe senility. What happens if he turns a complete doter. Or I a doteress. Or if one of us ever reaches a point of suffering so unbearable that death would be a gift of mercy. Given the age difference between us, our talk naturally turned more to the question of what I am to do, when his life gets unbearable. Coming to that point, we were diverting the topic to our parents quickly. As his mother and both my parents are still alive. Somehow we weren’t able yet to really look at ourselves. To be honest, if I were begged by a loved one, to turn the switch off, I am liable to do it. Maybe that comes from my core conviction that every human being has the freedom to end his/her life at their own will. At least if there are no dependants around any more.


Later, before falling asleep, I recalled a comment my sweetheart made recently. About me being the woman who’d have to bury him. But untill then, he’d do his utmost to have many good years with me. Which I think was the most moving declaration of love I ever got. Notwithstanding its implications.


4 thoughts on “ageing

    1. yes, indeed. know what’s odd? he never says those stupid little things people usually say when appreciating someone else. but then he once in a while comes round with stuff like this. well hidden in a flowing conversation. I never react to that. but I hear it well. thats why I will probably stay with him for a while or longer even. to have him buried decently. according to his wishes. although I won’t feel like hosting a party with cool music then.


  1. đŸ™‚ just very recently the Swiss people in Canton Zurich voted against prohibiting & interfering with ppl from outside the Canton, who came visiting in hopes of unprossecuted assisted suicide. It was mentioned in a byline that this & previous votes with the same outcome, was the result of repeated attempts 2 overturn the decision… src

    When this hit the news I was still out of the picture but I doubt it made any big waves in the mainstream media. 11 ppl voicing their opinions in the attached forum speaks volumes.

    On a lighter note, it was c f’s birthday yesterday. tells me u r up 4 promotion in treebarkrings as well pretty soon yourself ^^ have a look at it why don’t you, maybe compare notes as to what else can be mocked as part of the ageing process ^^

    I sure am highly humbled by my recent involuntary stay in a semi bed of sloth and appreciate the regained mobility like the third arm & 2nd brain this really is.

    Craigs 48th birthday monologue

    have a good one đŸ˜‰


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