wrong dates

Sunday late afternoon. You’re all set to go to the Imelda May concert. Last thing is to open the letter with the tickets. On which is printed: 20:00 hrs, Friday, 20th, May 2011. How on earth we came to think, the gig would be yesterday, I can not explain. We took a walk instead. But the other thing is much more annoying. Agonizing, to be exact. Last Saturday my driving licence was due back. I had some understanding for the fact that today would be the date, as officials don’t work on weekends. But I had to learn, that not even today it is possible to go and pick up that damn license. As it is – for whatever reason – not ready. According to their rules, I reapplied for it Feb. 1st. One would think, this is long enough for any official to deal with the red tape involved. But no. The worst thing – apart from being unable to drive – is that they won’t even give you an estimate on time. We’ll send you a letter as soon as it is ready. I am not sure, I am prepared to settle for that. Might well be I go in to see whoever is dealing with this to enquire in person. Nicely. Pointing a gun. Just kidding.


2 thoughts on “wrong dates

  1. always good to be able to hide a clerk’s tardiness behind a dead black hole of an organization like the bundesdruckerei
    “my hands are tied. i m bound by law. i can only give u the information the system provides me with, don’t u dare demand 2 doublecheck the readout on my screen, thats a well kept state secret and a fineable offence 2 even undertake an inquiry much like the one your actions so far are showing u capable off and heading towards… I m also in awe about the lack of willing participation in the glorious process that is & always will be: obtaining a renewed continuation & improvement on existing security standards of your drivers license, your lenkkontrollerlaubnis, which is, lets be honest, hardly a Führerschein on it’s own merit. how dare u accuse our recently re nationalised fine establishment of treating Austrian born citizens anyway differently than is rightfully their comeuppance?” …

    With only 16 weeks for having 2 check ur highly sussssspicious person for possibly driving under the influence in the past, a history of driving the getaway car in various nefarious enterprises—
    as well as having an unpayed intern move ur filled out application 2 a data entrypoint all the while not cramping his / her style…. you tell me: what are the odds for that?

    i wouldnt be the least bit surprised if they go on burning down the facilities just 2 be able 2 cover up the big snafu this turned out 2 be….

    as 4 the wrong dates
    the devil is in the details ^^ but u seem 2 have made the best of a situation higly charged w/ anticipation 😉
    i only hope the subsequent visit can live up to the than twice thought out progression of the evening ^^

    my expectations hardly ever live up 2 reality, which is a blessing in disguise seeing how I wouldnt function w/o lamenting life & bitching & moaning about its various inconveniences.:>>

    in all earnest I hope all things are sorted out rather sooner than later 🙂


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