Amen Corner

Want to hear my favourite golfing joke? Goes like that: Jesus and Peter are sitting up in the sky, watching the Masters at Augusta. Enthused with the great golf they see, Jesus wants to play a round the Monday after the tournament. Peter hesitates, he knows Jesus’ behavior on the course. “I’ll agree, but only if you retrieve your lost balls yourself. I am not your Caddy.” So, off they go, enjoying their round. Untill they reach the island green on Amen Corner at Augusta National. Jesus turns to Peter: “What club should I use?” Peter:”Take a five iron.” “But what did Seve play here yesterday?” “A seven iron” “Ok, give me the seven iron.” Splosh, the ball ends up in the water, way short of the green. “Take out your ball-rod, and get me that ball back, will you?” Jesus asks Peter. Grudgingly, Peter does as he is told. After all, this is Jesus, the Lord. The same little conversation takes place another two times, the result being just the same. Jesus enquiring about the iron Seve played the day before, again opting for the same club, the ball inevitably in the water. But the third time round, Peter refuses to retrieve the ball, Lord or no Lord. So Jesus – really angry by now – just stomps over the water to get his ball himself. At this moment, three Augusta members come round the corner. “Oh my god, this must be Jesus, walking the waters!” one of them proclaims. “Yeah, you’re right, he is, indeed” Peter says, “but he thinks, he is Severiano Ballesteros.”
Only legends create such stories. Severiano Ballesteros, grandmaster of the short game, one of the greatest golfers ever, died yesterday, aged 64. He was an adventurer on the course, often in deep shit off the tee. Maybe that’s the cause for his phantastic recovery game. He had to master it, in order to get, where he will stand forever: in the golfing hall of fame. A daredevil on the course, a funny guy who possessed fire and a heartwarming personality. Now, having truly played through Amen Corner – and scoring well, I hope – he can teach Jesus one or two things about the swing in person.



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