state description

This film has been made just for me, I think. Danae Diaz and Patricia Luna deliver a state description with Caffeine, that frightens me with its accuracy. Not to forget the music made by Brandt Brauer Frick. Let me count the coffees I had yesterday: starting with the usual three cups in the morning the day proceeded with a coffee meeting my head greenkeeper. Another cup at my office desk, followed by one more talking to the bookkeeper. Later, my sweetheart and his mom stopped by for a surprise visit, of course that demanded a coffee, too. Fading the day out with a visit to the lady who rents the Pro-shop. And she makes strong coffee. I had two huge pots of it. But without those brews, I wouldn’t be able to cope, I guess. As I write this, I have the third of my morning coffees, of course. Treadmill, lets start all over again…

Caffeine, Brandt Brauer Frick & Danae Diaz / Patricia Luna


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