what is it?

Easter. What is it? Coloured eggs and chocolate bunnies? The main feast of Christianity, celebrating the core believe of the sacrificial death and ensuing resurrection of Jesus and the entire consequential structure of faith? Acient heathen customs, welcoming spring and asking for fertility? The most important Jewish festivity, originally called Pesach or Passover , reminder of the glorious exodus from slavery in Egypt after exemption from the worst plague, the killing of every firstborn by marking the doorpost with blood of a spring lamb, thus having the slaughtering angel (what a combination of terms) pass over? Or is it just a nice spring break off work?
Well, for me it was none of the above. As I worked right through it up untill today. But it was good fun, with the place being real busy and everybody in such a good mood. Caused by sunshine, I guess.




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