I got a nice break today, as our junior coach was off for some unexpected reason and I had to start off a kids tournament first thing in the morning. So I stood there in lovely sunshine on tee one of our west course, first watching the experienced juniors taking their turns off the tee. Not much to do other than taking pics and chatting away. But then the babies, as I call them, were on. Some of them for the first time in a competition. No idea about routines and rules and what to do and, of course, dead nervous.
One of the boys, a tiny eight year old, playing his first ever golf tournament, was visibly shaking. He had a hard time getting the ball onto the wooden tee to start with. I was surprised he hit that ball at all. It swooshed off maybe some 30 meters to the left, not even making the ladies tee-box. Of course I walked on with him, looking for his ball and calming him down. His mum told me later, he was whispering to her that he could do much better than that and couldn’t really understand what happened. All in all, the girls were much more composed. But then girls are usually further down the line than boys at this age.
I felt a wee bit guilty for creating such an official air what with calling them to their first shots the traditional way. Announcing them with: “On the tee now Mr./Mrs. such and such”, giving their full names. Officially seeing them off, wishing them each a great game and much success. But then again: they ought to learn it early. As this is exactly what is going to happen if they ever become any good at this. Just crowds and press will be added.
In fact, I recall professional golfers, puking into bushes or hard rough after teeing off at important competitions. Important to them. For whatever reason. The difference being, that they first get their balls off the tee decently, to lose it out of sight of most everyone. Apart from their caddies. Who have the indecency to write about this in their blogs, aeons later. After they have been promoted to the post af a Head Tee Starter for once…

Alec Kelly, Head Tee Starter at Carnoustie Golf Links, Scotland


9 thoughts on “nerves

  1. wishing for a muffler on that mic ^^

    interesting. never had anything 2 do w/ it, just hearsay
    take it it has it’s merit & can be a source of anticipation, joy & pain like all mastery & honing of a skill usually is.

    when did u start 2 be invested in golf? ^^


    1. oh, years and years back. 1990 or 1991, when I first met the guy I later married. and am long since separated from. but for weird reasons or really no reason at all am still married to. a golf professional from Scotland. however, I am the worst player ever and have in fact long stopped actively playing, if one ever could call my sorry attempts playing golf at all. but I still work in the industry. which is something completely different and hard but lots and lots of fun. most of the time.
      if you want to, come and visit. I understand you don’t live that far away in podstupim. you’re very welcome any time.


      1. thx 4 the invitation πŸ˜‰ ‘ere I do any kind of out door activity though, I much rather master the skill of standing up straight w/o support first.
        how very odd indeed, nylart, 2 work in the industry w/o activally playing, I might as well tell u now that against ur protestations u’ll be jotted down in my book as one of the veterans having a watchful eye over the sky of the canal/the course, awaiting not so much as being prepared 2 act on the day when u/they have 2 jump back into ur/their flying contraption(s) 2 fend off an outside invader… ^^

        albeit the obvious amount of time past since last that happened is about thrice that of ur crossing paths w/ that sport πŸ™‚

        as for physical nearness of locations, am very tardy or rather sluggardly & set in my ways, rather wait ppl living across the street out, till they move 2 another town, 2 have them fit my lament, than give in 2 curiosity & actually meet them ^^

        but then again I never got the “visiting friends & family”-badge, did I?

        back 2 bed, lamenting life, the weather & my frequent interruptions of sleep…


      2. aw, don’t worry. as soon as you mastered your skill, you might want to go for the “ironing badge” πŸ™‚
        Why is it you’re that often in such bad health?


      3. ^^ I blame puberty 4 the changes that led 2 a few allergies that bother me as well as 4 the occasional insomnia/light sensibility/migrane. the way things develope I ll be right out of it once I turn 89. πŸ˜›
        that leg-bit is a leftover from this last winter & subsequent moments of bad luck/kharma paying me back 4 being such an aweful person, reseting the clock 4 a smooth healing, w/ each new fall on the joints ^^

        is this a secret plan 2 get me started on complaining? some bloodletting of excess pity 4 the benefit of the person behind schmeid as such? :>>

        gonna start peeling potatoes, keeps me occupied and I have 2 make use of my hands. am quiet sufficient eating w/ chopsticks out of the left hand by now, which was an improvement & is still remembered as a success.

        have a good one.


      4. ninty seems a good age to start out in earnest. by then your joint trouble will be a group phenomenon. But back to serious: migrane is a real bummer. get caught sometimes, too.
        but to not longer bother the person behind schmeid as such any longer with my interrogation I’ll stop right here and just add, that 08:28 is a fine time to peel potatoes πŸ˜‰ and that I to this day can not properly deal with chopstick in either hand.


      5. it’s so easy to make fun of ppl that after having had breakfast and clearing the table go right on to preparing the next meal, conservativally 6-7hrs in the future.


        I bet u r also a person that uses facts to support an argument

        I m a bit disgusted b/c of these new revealations to be honest.-



      6. I’m sorry. Honestly, I was just kidding and never meant to upset you. On hindsight, it’s awful to make fun of your trouble.
        I just never thought of peeling potatos that early in the day. In fact, I can’t even think properly that early in the morning… With no improvement worth mentioning later in the day.


      7. It makes more sense when one considers the amount of time it takes 2 get things done… much like unwrapping chewing gum w/ ur hip, then placing it on ur lips …

        I’d like 2 say preparing it (potatoes) like that makes it taste better but that ‘d be a blatant lie, ^^ only salt & starch in the end.

        now I feel a bit like Scott … are u being sarcastic, right now?


        not upset, no harm done. tend 2 blog more on the negative side 2 get it out of my system, thus only painting an incomplete picture, like a bit of gloom & don’t mind it … bit Russian in that regard ^^

        my mock outrage might have been lost when I forgot 2 underline this section. πŸ˜‰

        I bet u r also a person that uses facts to support an argument.

        who ‘d do such a thing, in this day ‘n age?

        have a good one.


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