found it

I just found the perfect excuse. For almost everything. I’ll just blog it here, so I can find it again, when needed. For the time being, my back trouble saves me from activities involving movement. But as this is not going to last forever or so I hope, now I have a much better cop-out. Again found on xkcd: a webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math and language



6 thoughts on “found it

  1. This is even better than the current inarguable champion: “explosive diarrhea”.

    plus it is much shorter and therefore leaves room for a tortured expression or two, following that revelation of 3D induced headaches…

    you ‘re onto something big here (!)

    uhh this tingling excitement is far too much for my sensible feelings, gonna lie down and dream of the possibilities that ‘ll open up w/ this, new development. –

    exciting times we live in, eh? đŸ˜‰


  2. explosive diarrhea must be a male excuse. never used it before. but then again, never heard it before, either. so it seems to be a no-go in the list of male excuses directed at females. or else I am just clueless.

    as for your break and the requisite, ensuing dream: make sure it’s maximum 2D. otherwise you might foil yourself. subsequent excitement included đŸ˜‰


    1. how dare u make me smirk behind my solid shield of beard & face-framing fingers- strategically placed under chin & eyesocket in mock attentiveness? ^^

      when u mouse-over that comic strip it reads as follows: I’m only willing to visit placid lakes, salt flats, and painting exhibits until the world’s 3D technology improves.


      PS methinks the aforementioned excuse was introduced by a female comedian in her “jesus is magic” tour, the highly revered Sarah Silverman, a.k.a. Big S. ^^


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