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I don’t think I mentioned policy in my blog very often. There is a reason for this. My blog is about my life. Which is very non-political. In the sense of the every-day use of the term. I generally don’t believe that politicians of any denomination have valid solutions to offer these days. I made an exception with Barack Obama, because I thought he had enough positive charisma to sustain in the daily political jungle and possesses the means to uplift a society in dire need of perspectives. And I am going to make another exception today. Not because of the personal charisma of the politician in question. Which leans towards middle-gray. But because of a quality I also appreciate: a clear chain of ideas, arguments instead of polemic – ok, a little polemic, but always an explanation for it one can understand – and an overall vision I think neccessary when considering policies at all. No matter in which direction one wants to go, one has to think bigger than just here and now. Once upon a time, I think it was back in the eighties, the Austrian Prime Minister Franz Vranitzky was quoted to have said: “Wer Visionen hat, braucht einen Arzt.” One of his statements I disagreed with. But he also was a very pragmatical politician. After the long reign of a Mr. Kreisky this was a nice break. Back to now. Please listen to the noteworthy speech of Peer Steinbrück, the former minister of finance in Germany, held in the Bundestag last week. The man makes sense.

Peer Steinbrück zur Eurokrise

Also recommendable is his book “Unterm Strich”, published last year. To give you the other side of the medal, you might also want to read a not so friendly review of it. As I have read the book, I don’t agree completely, but take the criticism into consideration. As I am not an expert in international finances. My own chequebook is hard enough to balance, as it is.


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