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One can but look on helplessly as the nightmare in Japan unfolds. But is this really true? What about us? Is it not time to consider what we all contributed? By leading our lives as we do. Creating demand. Consuming energy for pleasure. Looting the planet. Leaving one disaster after the next for coming generations to inherit and deal with. I am so embarrassed having to be reminded of such questions while the people of Japan are left to carry the can right now.


3 thoughts on “about us

  1. I often wonder if man would turn away from his wasteful ways if say the monetary system was taken out of the equation, maybe without this catalyst for greed new strides & improvements would come about. but alas! 4 this to work one would need free and limitless supply of clean energy.

    currently it appears at times man is chasing his own tail, temporary gains seem 2 be more important than sustainability. hmm head hurts, and rightfully so.

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  2. another suggestion, my brother made a couple of years back: deduct 80% of what everything costs now, as the rest clearly goes toward red tape and the capital itself. he thinks, that everything is only really worth 20% of the price asked, the rest is just there to oil the machinery, thus wasting resources. there is something about it, that rings true.


    1. w/ some adjustments those observations can be transfered to the actual neccessity of jobs vs. lack of work to justify what little bubbles of jobs remain

      keep all as is or go 4 actual deflated prices?

      ^^ luckily I know too little about economics to even have the audacity of an opinion or be decided on this issue either way 😉


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