Sunday matinée

Bad enough, what happened this week in Japan. It amazes me, how well the Japanese deal with the disaster. No, I am not talking about the officials. I am talking about the folks you see camping out in sports halls, all the ones still on roofs waiting for help, the people being scanned before leaving the fringe area around the damaged nuke plant or those wandering about, looking for their relatives or homes. Their calmness, collectedness is most impressive. As opposed to the statements one hears from our experts, politicians and media people.


2 thoughts on “Sunday matinée

  1. havent seen videos of the people bearing in composure what shitty cards they have been dealt. seen only stills and 1 daytime clip of the 1st explosion at the reactor sight when the entire thing was still in its infancy….

    think it is part of some peoples nature esp thinking about the Japanese, the British & the Germans ^^ to bear in silence, to stay grounded & composed in the face of catastrophy & injustice, to root for the underdog rather than a seemingly flawless messiah

    also, historical context & still vibrant echo of nuclear catastrophes, fallout and societal shifts esp in the popular mangas that are read by all walks of life throughout all agegroups could have partook in a form of conditioning similar & beyond what our public consensus is forcefeed to belief when it comes to wages, cost of living, national debth and percieved economical upturn….

    lets hope the ppl of Japan & in fact the entire world will be able to draw conclusions leading to a saver more secure and clean future :/


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