another souvenir

Brought another souvenir from my recent travel. One I want to be rid of a.s.a.p. The flu. Tell you, I can locate every bone and joint in my body. Plus my thinker, the sore stinker. No cold, no sneezing though. Just pains everywhere and lots of sweating. Slept most of Monday but dragged myself to work yesterday. Seemed to help as I feel a little better today. Not much but a tad.

Delta Rhythm Boys, Dem dry bones


3 thoughts on “another souvenir

  1. well, please feelget better soon :), unless of course some part of u “enjoys” the sensation from time to time and reveres it as a grounding experience. 😉

    granted, silly schmeids could interpret ur asap request as pointing to the contrary …

    PS: i cant help but place this song with some movies portraying serial killers about to gain the trust of a future victim or sharpening their knives prior to an attack… what meaning does it hold for u? do u like to mock rattle the cage ur body keeps u in when ill, to help laugh its absurdity and the fraility of the human body off? :>>

    ach ja, wenn sich jede zelle die signale ans hirn schicken kann in ner matruschka versteckt und dann eifrig als kopfgeburt alarmschlĂ€gt, das ist schon was. hör dir dies weißstreifen minĂŒtchen an und behaupte spĂ€ter den cellopart wie ein profi spielen zu können ^^ achtung, kopfschmerzgefahr


    1. and thanks a lot for the warning! my head nearly fell off just now, listening to this. nevertheless, am tempted to post it on gehört|gehört, unless you did it already. what a great vid+song.
      plus, the hint as to serial killers deserves some consideration. never looked at it this way. always thought of this as a children song (still often used in kids teaching programms like here:


      1. go ahead, post the clip as u see fit ^^

        as for the serial killer consideration… think it adds a layer of “freakyness” to have …to take something that the audience should be familiar with, maybe even have fond memories of and pervert it into a meditational hymn for something as nefarious as preparing ones killing tools or stalking the (as doomspelling music informs us) next hopeless token in a line of yet unpunished deeds. ^^ guess it works to great effect with the not always all too harmless children songs :>


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