It is good to get back home from home. Even if it is kinfolk you are seeing, last week was an emotional roller-coaster of sorts. Being dragged into almost every relations home and even distant acquaintances had to be visited. Mom likes to show me around, I think. No idea why, really. Example: she brought me to a store to meet someone as a surprise. When I looked at the complete stranger behind the counter beaming at me, I didn’t have the slightest idea who this could be. Turns out she is the neighbour girl who used to ride the bus to work with me daily, 28 years ago. It is nice to learn that people remember one fondly after such a long time and want to meet up, but to be honest, small talk came slow. I would have enjoyed to spend more quality time with those really close to me. Seems my family are not so much into just being together the relaxed way, making room for an interchange of ideas. Finding out how the other one really is faring.
Oh well, not to worry. Makes me appreciate returning to my own life once more. Tomorrow I will be back at work. Today I’ll try and relocate my mind after physically returning.

Get back, The Beatles


5 thoughts on “back

  1. Welcome back (its English, yeah!)!

    (… und, wie gesagt: deswegen konnte das Politbüro die Fab Four nicht leiden: Honi war Dachdecker…)

    (… meiner völlig marginalen Meinung nach ist das eines der schärfsten Musik-Videos überhaupt…)

    (… die grünen Hosen… die grünen Hosen… gehste krachen, Mann…)


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