Just picture this:

old walls in even older cities

pink birds
old ornaments meeting pink spraypaint

good stuff
civil protest “light”: townsfolk in Graz protesting against altering the river by putting up candles normally used at graves on the river banks

built-in memories of beating the Byzantines down a hill

kuk mozart
Mozart, related to a little Styrian born in Äthiopia by a Hungarian teacher

sundrenched vineyards in the south-east

true – blue aristocrats: Erzherzog Johann, a colourful person still fondly remembered in Styria

wondering saints
ever present saints, in this case looking a little puzzeled at the murder-scene in his arms

snowy mountains everywhere

and one upright Prussian sweetheart warming to the idea that every selfrespecting Austrian can’t do without the support of a gastronomical establishment for very long.

Am having a fab time here, thanks to family and friends who bend over backwards to make me feel at home at home.


2 thoughts on “imagine

  1. esp like the facade, the clean glass … must have been recently painted – looks a bit like a toy ^^

    and the whole thing going on in the last pic, a Prussian reading a local Austrian newspaper which is conveniently enough also published in “Berliner Format” ^^

    the historical context of the facade and Prussia somehow reminds me of Georg Schramm again (I m not sorry for that, I cant help it^^) as a character lamenting the abuse in folklore, about the Prussian involvement and seemingly misunderstood nature of their advancements ^^.

    Ich weiß nicht obs in dem Programm hier war oder in diesem. hmmn. ist etwas lang, vllt später mal. wenn zeit und ruhe unerträglich werden und du politisch aufgestachelt werden magst. hrhr


    1. … es war hier, aber in diesem war das schönere schlusswort:
      “Am Ende der Vorstellung waren nur noch von ihm erschossene und also tote Zuschauer im Theater gesessen. Die Schauspieler und der Direktor des Theaters, hatten sich während der ganzen Vorstellung von dem eigenwilligen Autor und von dem von ihm verursachten Geschehen, nicht einen Augenblick stören lassen.” TB, ein ösi


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