trains and tables

I tell you, depending on the S-Bahn in Berlin these days is a curse. Not if it weren’t running on 50% of its normal capacity due to wrecked trains, lack of staff, funding or god knows what are the reasons for this chaos since forever, but not even those few trains get you anywhere. Running on time no one expects in earnest any more. They brought out a contingency time-table a couple of months back by which for example lines which usually run in a four minute interval during rush hours were reduced to a ten minute window. A couple of days back this was replaced by one emergency time – table, same trains now operating on a twenty minute scedule. One would – and I insist one also can – expect those few trains to arrive on time. Won’t you agree? But no. After all, it’s winter. So why not have the few trains left not work, either. I don’t even want to start to sum up the money I have spent on cabs in order to get to work on time. And the time I waisted waiting, mostly at arctic temperatures on windy platforms, crammed in with thousands of NOT so cheery folks. I am a patient and understanding person. So I took all their changes of scedule into my stride, adapting my own time scedule. Doubling the time needed to get to work. It is not enough, I was forced to learn. But who am I to complain? Some of the lines are shut down all together. At least I depend one lines that are – on paper – still on. So why not listen to a band called “I like trains”. Here’s their song Twenty Five Sins from the album Elegies to lessons learnt. Quote a line from this song: “This town is burning down.” By the way: this week, the ticket prices have been increased by ten percent. That at least they managed to implement on time.

I like Trains, 25 sins


2 thoughts on “trains and tables

  1. It apparently is in Berlins “best interest” not to have the S-Bahn provide the services it claims to be able to provide. It still rings true, that savings of up to a Million €uros/day for certain highly freqented lines, if not rendered in full, is a valid argument towards the city financially catching a break. This also plays into the sick notion that it is not societies, or governments fault, if a service is not provided for, that you yourself could and should have looked after in the first place. They made it work for jobs and education, tests of consumer goods, healthcare, retirement etc. It’s sick, but maybe driving a Maybach/BMW to work and paying premium for a long term parkinglot-spot is part of the bigger picture. in the end you ll have to employ an actual human being to drive around in your car on the look out for a parking spot – while u are at work, or better yet – have them drive around town and justify traffic analysis for infrastructural changes of the next 20-50 years. ^^

    shit happens. thats true, in this case of S-Bahn and Bahn though I like to think its homemade

    cut 250000 jobs maintaining, clearing, cleaning and repairing cars and rails and it is much easier to be surprised by winter-like aparations in – hold your horses, – be sure to sit down – in DECEMBER! January even. –

    sell your pool of plows and vehicles to clear the rails – don’t install heating for vital nodes of the railnetwork, you can always lease them for a substantially lower monthly price, and if money is short – or the winters are mild for 3 years in a row – forget about ’em.

    ahhh, this turned into a rant, I m sorry. I meant to say that I enjoyed the drums in the ILIKETRAINS-track.



    1. you’re right. it is a nice song. and you’re spot on with the rest. just one detail: the S-Bahn in Berlin belongs to and is run by the Deutsche Bahn, headed by Mehdorn I believe his name is. Actually, on facebook is already a page running, called the S-Bahn Berlin haters. On it someone suggested to meet up in front of the DB tower and throw snowballs at it. But in general, obviosly city government is to blame as they must have accepted shitty terms of contract.


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